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Do you have an urgent vacation plan? It is possible to travel everywhere you would like to arrive by with privileged services of Virajet. Providing service in aviation sector since 2018, Virajet continues to maintain its services with its specialist team staff that are highly experienced in their fields and received all the necessary trainings. Having its name written in letter of gold, Virajet offers comfortable travel solutions.

No Destination Limit Thanks to Private Helicopter

In sky journey that we started with the slogan of “we are at where the flight starts”, it does not matter wherever you would like to go. Whether a business travel, a vacation plan or an organization that you need to attend…

Helicopters provide versatile flight opportunity, especially in short distances. They makes point to point flights possible. In travels made by helicopters, it is possible to arrive directly to the place intended from airport. Helicopters can directly land the places such as city centres, hotels, private properties, factories, lands and places that is hard to arrive. In short, travels made with helicopter do not require special field at departure and landing stages as jets. By this means, we can make flights even to the points that is really hard to arrive.

Helicopters are one of the aircrafts that give fastest response to individual needs. Helicopters can be used for many purposes from skiing centre transportation to sports organizations, business travels to wedding flights, medical evacuations to aerial photography and sightseeing tour to particular flights.

Virajet Helikopter Kiralama

Privileges to Take You Off!

We provide our guests a travel experience free from any troubles with helicopter renting service. Thanks to our business cooperation all over the world, we remove the concept of time and place in your travels. In this way, we allow our passengers make a flexible travel plan.

As well as this, we provide a sincere service to you to live an unforgettable flight experience during travels with our private helicopters.

A Travel with Comfort and Luxury!

To travel by private helicopter is a pretty comfortable and luxurious choice thanks to our services that we, Virajet, offer our passengers. Thanks to our team members working with devotion, we provide your wishes to be heard and realized immediately.

Virajet Helikopter Kiralama

Safety of Privacy!

We guarantee you privacy at every flight you make by renting a helicopter. At every stage of your travel, we take all the necessary measures for your safety. With our experienced personnel who have been serving in service industry for many years, we provide you finalize your travel with no trouble.

Customized Air Schedule!

With our private helicopter renting service, we save you all the exhausting parts of the travel. We eliminate all the annoying stage of the travel such as searching for the right ticket for long hours, spare time for check-in procedures or reaching to the destination with connecting flights.

Uninterrupted Flight to Your Desired Destination!

Virajet Helikopter Kiralama

We allow you visit even destinations where transportation is almost impossible with our professional cockpit team. Thanks to advantages of helicopters regarding take-off and landing, we accompany you in your travels to a city centre with crowds, if you wish, and an isolated island, if you wish.

Global Travel!

Thanks to our business partners in all over the world, we remove completely the trouble of time and place. With private helicopter renting service, no matter in Turkey or in America, wherever you are never matters! In all travels, wherever you are, we prepare our helicopters ready to take off in the timeliest manner.

Corporate Travel Solutions!

In all travels that you made by renting private helicopter, we double the flight comfort with our corporate travel solutions services if you wish. We organize all the details for you from the hotel where you will accommodate in the destination city to restaurant where you will dine, and from transfer services to your time there being planned with quality. You may review in detail all the privileges we offer with corporate travel solutions services.

Travel with Reasonable Costs!

Virajet Helikopter Kiralama

We, Virajet, offer the fastest and the most comfortable service at the most reasonable prices. How? Of course thanks to our globally respected business partners. As we have the privilege of serving without being fixated on a single location, wherever you are on earth, we allow you travel with reasonable prices.

All-Rounder Qualified Client Representatives!

Thanks to our client representatives with a smiling face and attentiveness, we strive for your travel to be realized under your control step by step. Our client representatives, who you may contact 24 hours a day and 7 days a week uninterrupted, are working with a professional principle indexed to solve any problems of yours in the timeliest manner. In this way, regarding any problem you concern about and even the slightest interruption to affect your travel, we take precautions beforehand and never allow your travel to be effected from any negative condition.

We are as close as a call to you, our esteemed clients, who want to charter private helicopter. So as to benefit from all the privileges that are offered by Virajet, you can contact us via our call centre which operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can also let us call you by filling in the contact form or you can get information via messaging from our WhatsApp line.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price for chartering private helicopter varies depending on many criteria. Especially the flight distance and extra services requested by passenger effect the price for chartering private helicopter. Virajet strives for her clients to have the most quality service at the most reasonable prices.

Anyone who live a special travel experience can benefit from this service. Those who wish to travel for business meetings, sports activities or special organizations may valuate their journey by chartering private helicopter. Transportation by private helicopter is among the primary choices of especially those who have a trouble of time for these travels. As well as these, private helicopters are chartered for aerial photography, wedding organizations and city tours.

This situation varies depending on many factors. Chartering a private aircraft and private helicopter have different advantages on the matter for passengers. However, if one wish to travel to a destination where a private aircraft cannot land, one must charter a private helicopter. As well as this, regarding the close distance flights, the experts inform that travels by private helicopters is much more suitable choice in terms of saving time and costs. The number of passengers to travel also effects this choice. The capacity of private air planes ranges between 6 and 180 people. However, private helicopter is available for min 2 and max 8 people to travel.

To travel by private helicopter is considered as one of the safest type of transportation. It is possible to travel by helicopter even harsh conditions. Furthermore, the cockpit crew having a duty under our company is consisted of experienced pilots and co-pilots. Our teams have completed all trainings required by the civil aviation authorities. Also, our helicopters are equipped with the necessary equipment of latest technology.

Maintenance of private helicopters are executed by official personnel regularly. The technical parts of the helicopters are checked twice as before and after every flight and necessary involvement is executed by the specialists. In this way, we never allow any hindrance to occur during the flight.

It is pretty significant to travel in accordance with the social distance and hygiene rules especially during the period of the coronavirus epidemic that have seized the whole world. However, unfortunately, it is impossible to establish these rules in public transportation. The required disinfection procedures in all of our helicopters are carefully executed by using suitable chemical materials by the specialist teams. As well as this, all personnel serve with masks and gloves in accordance with social distance rules. Also, coronavirus tests of the personnel who serve within our body are executed in frequency required by the Ministry of Health.

The most significant element that makes Virajet different from other private helicopter chartering companies is her developed infrastructure and organization web. In this way, everyone who wish to travel may benefit from the world of Virajet full of privileges. You can contact to our client representatives and have detailed information.

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