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VIRAJET Corporate Travel Solutions Valuates the Travels!

You are having a vacation, but not decided on your travel route yet? You are traveling to your favourite country, but have no idea how to spend that little time that you will save for yourself due to busy schedule? Are thoughts like “How will I go to the airport?”, “In which hotel will I stay?” and “From where will I rent my car?” flying over your head? No worries! Virajet answers all these concerns of yours with corporate travel solutions without making you break a sweat.

We, Virajet, display a difference with services that we offer to our guests in this journey on skies that we began in 2018. At every stage of the travel, we accompany all of your travels with our solution-oriented work principle, policy of quality service and our competent team members.

The range of services that we offer by corporate travel solutions is as wide as the limits of your imagination. Just tell us about your desired travel and leave the rest to our experienced and dynamic organization team.

A business trip, a travel with your family or an existing vacation with your friends… Would you not like to make these moments with no other more comfortable by chartering a private aircraft or private jet? Furthermore, without even being have to think about any details with our corporate travel solutions service!

Kurumsal Seyahat - Virajet

Privileged Services Offered to Facilitate Your Travel

We eliminate all the annoying stages of a travel such as finding the ticket that suits you, waiting for long hours at airports, tiring check-in procedures and regarding international travels, passport and visa check process thanks to our corporate travel solutions service. Of course, not limited to these! We plan with care all other details of your travel for you. We organize everything from the hotel where you will accommodate to restaurants where you will dine, and from tourist attractions you wish to visit in the city to the travel guide who will accompany you all through your travel. And you just enjoy your travel.

The privileges that we offer to you with corporate travel solutions service are as follows;

  • Chartering private jet or aircraft
  • Organization of hotel and restaurant
  • Transfer and car rental with or without a driver
  • Travel guide service

Take You Off with our Chartering Private Aircraft Service!

As of the moment when you contact us, we begin to plan your travel with flight organization. Thanks to our business partners all around the world, we know no limits regarding travels! You may fly domestic in France or travel between Turkey and Antarctica, if you wish. We, Virajet, accompany you in your travels. Thanks to our wide fleet of aircraft, we offer the fastest solutions for you for your desired travels, allowing you travel at date and time that you wish.

In all of your travels with us, our experienced cockpit crew executes all the necessary study with no missing in order to complete your travel without any hindrance. Our pilots and co-pilots meet the criteria stated as necessary by the civil aviation authorities. Furthermore, we make the necessary organization prior to the flight. We examine the weather conditions of the destination city and permits to take off and land are taken. Thanks to our experienced team members’ devoted studies, all the negativities such as slot mismatch potential delays your travel are eliminated beforehand.

Kurumsal Seyahat - Virajet

Plan Your Travel Down to Smallest Detail with Hotel and Restaurant Organizations!

We take the burden of deciding where to accommodate off your shoulders during your domestic and overseas travels to be made. We find the hotel that will meet your needs for you and we execute all the necessary reservation procedures. In this way, we free our clients of the burden of searching for hotel for days.

Do not doubt that our organization team who has a wide grasp on all regions will find the best hotel for you and provide you a perfect spotless travel wherever you will travel on earth. With our corporate travel solutions service, we never allow you feel obligatory at a hotel not suiting you and not meeting your needs in your destination.

“Where can I eat the tastiest pizza in Italy?”, “Where can I drink the best coffee in France?” We give the best answers to these questions for you. We are not limited to cover your accommodation needs. If you wish, we prepare a list of restaurants where you will visit all throughout your travel and perform the necessary reservation procedures.

Transportation Is Not a Problem Anymore with Our Transfer and Car Rental Service!

With our corporate travel solutions service, we make transportation to your desired destination pretty comfortable. No matter where you are, home or abroad, thanks to transfer service that we offer you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week uninterrupted, we eliminate the problem of accessing to the airport. In this way, we get ahead of every stage such as parking your personal car and wasting time on taxi or public transportation that tires you even before your travel begins.

As well as this, wherever you are on earth, we evaluate your travel with our car rental service with or without a driver. In this way, we handle the procedures such as searching for rent a car at the destination airport, finding the car that suits you and renting car at rocket prices with a single touch.

Kurumsal Seyahat - Virajet

Valuate Your Travel with Travel Guide and City Tour Planning!

You may have not designated your travel route yet on vacations with your beloved ones or just yourself. Whatever there is you need to see from the most famous museums of Paris to the historical pattern of Berlin, and from the most popular shopping avenues of New York to the places full of wonders of technology of Tokyo, we plan all the organization meticulously simply like we are the ones having a vacation. If you wish, we assign a travel guide to accompany you all throughout your vacation.

For our guest saying “But I am having a busy business trip,” we provide them make the best out of their all leisure times with a team work. If you share your business schedule with us according to your requests, we help again you enjoy your time there with a travel guide, if you wish. In this way, during a busy schedule when you will have a short tea break, we accompany you so that you experience unforgettable moments and even for a few hours, we take you away from the stress of work.

You can make reservation in order to take advantage of all privileges of our corporate travel solutions service. You may access all the details regarding our service of chartering a private aircraft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate travel solutions are a privileged service we offer to our special guests. If our guests chartering a private aircraft do not inform us their requests to benefit from corporate travel solutions, we do not provide these services. However within the scope of corporate travel solutions service, we offer a cost including the price for chartering a private jet. In this way, corporate travel solutions are presented as “all-inclusive”.

Travel planning is done exclusively to the passengers. We plan your travel combining your requests and expectations on your travel and the professionalism of our organization team. This process begins the moment when you request service. Then, our specialist team receives a detailed briefing from you. They designate the best organizational scheme that meets your requests, perform all the feasibility of costs and make a presentation to you finally. The last touches are made according to your requests during this presentation. Our organization team who are constantly in touch with our guests provides you the most perfect travel.

There are standard services that we offer to our all guests during the travel. We offer cold beverages with or without alcohol and snacks to our all guests. Apart from these, we can supply all foods and beverages requested specially from us. For our guests who prefer, we provide catering service. All food prepared by professional chefs in accordance with the menu you requested are served hot and fresh during the travels.

The cost of corporate travel solutions varies depending on many factors. Different elements from the distance of destination to the requested services have an effect on the calculation of the cost. Your wish to benefit from whichever among services we offer such as transfer, hotel, restaurant, car rental and travel guide services causes change on the amount to be charged.

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