Chartering Private Aircraft

Chartering Private Airplane is not a Dream Anymore with VIRAJET!

What would you like to do today? To begin the day with a nice breakfast in the scenery of Paris that gives peace to the person, to enjoy shopping in the wide streets of New York, to sip your coffee in the boutique cafés of Prague and to end the day with a pizza with plenty of cheese on top of it in the unique restaurants of Rome… It sounds like such an eccentric dream, right? However, with the privileged services offered by Virajet, to realize these is not a dream anymore!

Virajet is striving to be your best seat-mate with her private airplane chartering service that she has been offering since 2018. Now, it is so easy to travel to anywhere you desire in the 7 continents of the world with the privilege of Virajet. Virajet is with you at any time you want to fly for any purposes such as business trips and vacation travels! The comfort of travel becomes ultimate thanks to Virajet that comes to the fore among other corporations chartering private aircrafts with her experience, specialist team, related support personnel and comfortable aircraft.

VIRAJET will be Your Seat-Mate That Makes You Live all the Privileges

There are many opportunities that we offer to our guests who want to travel with a private airplane. We are striving with a view of business that removes the concept of time and place together with our business partners in all over the world. We provide you travel in the comfort zone that is offered by a private airplane wherever you are from Turkey to America or in domestic flights in France. In addition, we eliminate all the annoying stages of a travel such as making reservations many days before, waiting for long hours at airports and sparing time for check-in process.

Our private jets with categories of heavy, midsize and light with which you can travel are ready to go in 7/24 manner. It is sufficient for us to get ready your private jet provided that you contact us 3 hours prior to your planned travel.

All details of your travel are planned by the organization team of Virajet in a detailed manner. All aircrafts are prepared specially for you before your flight and their maintenance and controls are executed by our specialist teams. During all your travels, the catering service is provided by our related service personnel.

During your travels, a steward is waiting ready to offer you a quality service.

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The Privileges of VIRAJET Airplane Chartering Service

We consider all the necessary details for you to live a perfect travel experience. As well as the comfort of traveling with a private airplane, we lead our guests to live its different advantages too. We fulfil many criteria to make this travel of yours have a place among your unforgettable experiences;

We Provide You a Journey with Ultimate Safety!

It is the safest way of transportation to travel by a private airplane with the privilege of Virajet. And the reason of this is the work principle with a focus on discipline and safety of all our business partners and personnel having duty within our body.

All aircraft that serve within our body are periodically inspected by the civil aviation authorities of Turkey and Europe. Furthermore, our cockpit crews that accompany you all along during your travel have again completed the flight hours stated by the aviation authorities. The cockpit crew having a duty under our company is consisted of experienced pilots and co-pilots who have completed a minimum flight time of 1000 hours, have received the required training, and have fully completed their health checks.

Before the travels, the weather conditions and all the factors that affect the flight of the destination city are examined by us in a detailed manner. In this way, all necessary measures are being taken before the take off.

We Care for Your Personal Time!

When you have business jet chartering service, whole of the operational process of your travel proceeds under our control. You just need to prepare your luggage, and our specialist team members will take care of all of the technical procedures remaining.

During your travel, the procedures of passport and customs are organized by our representatives who are ready at the airport. In this way, there are no problems that you need to handle with during your travel as well. Furthermore, all procedures from the time of departure of our airplanes to the flight permits are fulfilled with care. In this way, the potential delays that are caused by the different reasons such as slot mismatch are eliminated.

On the other hand, there are extra privileged services that are offered by Virajet to you. You may trust whole of your travel plan to the experience of our organization team. Our services offered in travel organization are as follows;

  • Car rental
  • Accommodation in hotel
  • Restaurant organization
  • Travel guide service

In short, all services from the vehicle that you will use to the restaurant where you will dine and from the hotel where you will accommodate to the guide who will accompany you all through your travel, if you prefer, are offered by us at the moment when you have reached to the airport. In this way, while you enjoy your travel, all other fine details will be handled by our organization team.

We Provide You a Comfortable Travel!

Our travel consultants who give service to you specially strive to fulfill all of your wishes prior to your travel. Any matter that you may need during the flight is organized through to the slightest details.

All necessary technical equipment is supplied for business people who prefer to use their time efficiently during their travel and hold meetings. It is sufficient for you to inform our travel consultants about everything you need in meetings from printer to computer support prior to your travel.

Furthermore, Virajet provides you a catering service during your travels. All kind of food you desire during a long travel is supplied prior to your flight. All kind of food that you can think of and desire to taste from sushi to calamari, and from pizza to kebab are prepared by qualified chefs. When it is time to dine, it is served to you in a fresh and hot way. As well as this, you may be served special alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages that you desire other than our standard catering.

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“We are at Where the Flight Starts!”

We are as close as a call to you, our esteemed clients, who want to lease private airplane. So as to benefit from all the privileges that are offered by Virajet, you can contact us via our call center which operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can also let us call you by filling in the contact form or you can get information via messaging from our WhatsApp line.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price for chartering business jet varies depending on many criteria. Contrary to the popular belief, these prices are much more reasonable. During your travel by a private airplane, the problem of connecting flights is completely eliminated. In other words, it is possible for you to reach directly to the city that you want to travel. And this prevents the travel costs that appear as extra. Furthermore, chartering a private airplane covers generously the loss of time and money that you will experience by waiting for a plane at the airport for hours. Virajet strives for her clients to have the most comfortable travel at the most reasonable prices.

The price for chartering private jet is calculated according to different criteria. Type of the aircraft is the primary criteria. The model of the aircraft that you want to lease has an effect on the lease price. However, the number of passengers increases or decreases the price for chartering a private jet. On the other hand, the distance to the destination is one of the factors considered regarding the price. A study is conducted to calculate the price for chartering a private airplane by taking these three factors as basis. Furthermore, because the price demanded by the airport differs in every city, the amount to be paid for the aerodrome where it will land will be effective on the price. The catering service or beverage services requested as extra will be added on the price that you will pay to us. Therefore, in order for us to give you the information on price that you will request clearly, you need to inform our officers on every details prior to the flight.

In your personal travels, the passenger capacity of the aircraft differs according to its model. Within the body of Virajet, there are airplanes with categories of heavy, midsize and light. As well as you can take advantage of chartering a private airplane on your own, it is also possible to travel with a passenger capacity of up to 180 people. Our aircraft are available for min 6 and max 180 people to travel simultaneously.

There are many refreshments that we provide to our guests during the flight. Non-alcoholic beverage service is available at every flight. As well as this, we serve our guests local alcohol beverages during the travels. Your requests regarding different alcohol beverages are reflected as extra on the price for chartering private airplane. Furthermore, dried nuts and fruits and snacks are among what we cater to you during all of our travels.

One of the most significant reasons why we, Virajet, has a different place among the private jet chartering companies is our team that quickly can coordinate and our wide fleet of aircraft. In this way, we possess the technical infrastructure to cover the needs of our guests in the best timely manner in all emergency travels. It is sufficient for us to realize all of the necessary preparations if you reach 2 hours beforehand the day when you want to travel to our customer advisors who serve 24/7. furthermore, it is possible for you to benefit from much more reasonable prices in case of early reservations.

Maintenance and cleaning of all aircraft that actively serve within the body of our company are executed by routine periods. Before and after each travel, the required controls are executed by the competent technical personnel. Furthermore, cleaning of the airplanes are executed in accordance with the hygiene rules before and after each travel. Particularly, after the coronavirus epidemic that have seized the whole world, our airplanes are being disinfected with utmost special care. During this disinfection efforts, equipment and chemicals suitable for sterilization are used. We are honored that you know we consider your health above anything.

Our clients have the chance to choose an airplane. When you wish to have the private jet chartering service, the appropriate aircraft according to the number of people on the travel is informed to you by our team members. In this way, you, our clients, can have the information prior to the flight regarding all the technical features of the aircraft that you will use.

It is pretty easy to have a private jet chartering service from Virajet. You just need to contact us. You can contact us via our 7/24 call center, our WhatsApp line or by filling in the contact form available on our website.

The imperative travels needed to be done during the period of the coronavirus epidemic that have seized the whole world have become a big trouble. It is almost impossible to be served in accordance with social distance rules during ordinary flights. In this regard, it will be the rightest decision to benefit from the opportunities offered by private airplanes when you travel with your family or for business purposes. The cleaning of all aircraft within our body is executed carefully. Furthermore, twice as much measures have been taken in this period. The required disinfection procedures are executed in a sterile way by using suitable equipment and chemical materials. Coronavirus tests and health checks of the cockpit crew and the other support personnel who accompany you on the airplane are executed regularly. As well as this, all personnel serve with masks and gloves and act in accordance with social distance rules.

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