Chartering Private Jet


Chartering Private Jet

Virajet based in Turkey has the one of the largest service network in business Aviation and Air Ambulance Services widening Middle East, Europe, Africa and CIS which gives you the oppurtunity not to be charged for ferry flights resulting from the positioning of the aircraft. We have a wide networking in all industry actors such as; civil Aviation authorities, airline companies, airports authorities, handling agents, freight forwarders, etc. This networking power gives us the chance to perform all types of operations, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Virajet offers high quality of air charter services including long-term lease, aircraft procurement, management, and consultancy with the best price guarantee around the clock, ,as a complimentary service Virajet also focuses on other areas shaped by our customers’ requirement with a view to providing the best value in aviation services for the customers who wants one stop solution. As expected, those clients’ requirements could vary from a simple transfer at the airport (from aircraft to city helicopter, from charter flight to scheduled flight, from charter flight to VIP land / luxury sea transportation etc.), to very sophisticated and demanding full group door to door travel organization in Turkey and / or abroad. Such capability, as a natural consequence of pursuing continuously the excellence in every detail, makes us unique its kind amongst competitors in the market. Our self-motivated knowledgeable team is very skillful and aware that attention to details is paramount and an acute understanding of the client’s interest is always at the fore.

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Serhat Çağ
Founder, Çağ Auto

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