Chartering Private Jet

Experience Comfort in the Air By Chartering Private Jet

Chartering Private Jet

There is no doubt that time is our most valuable asset. And the first alternative that comes to mind is to travel with private jets for those who would like to save their time and look for comfort in their flights. You cannot give up the comfort that private jets offering to you whether in your business travels or vacation organizations.
We are pchartered to be seat-mate of you, our esteemed guests, in the travels that you have set on since 2018. We take comfort of travelling to upper-level with private jets that we privately allocate to persons or groups. As one of the pioneer brands among the private jet chartering companies, we consider adding value to travels as our most important duty.

Regardless of time and place, there are many privileged services that we offer to you. We are carefully planning your travels with private jet alternatives that have small, mid-size and large cabins in our extensive fleet. We organize all the details to be considered before the travel with our professional team and leave no room for any trouble during flight.

Keep Time for Yourself with Chartering Private Jet

By getting private jet chartering service, the only thing that you consider will be imagining what to do in that place while you are going to a private invitation, business trip or vacation. There is no room for details that tires you such as seeking convenient flight ticket for hours, waiting in line at airports, check-in process and connecting flights in the travels with us! Just prepare your baggage and leave the rest to our professional team members that will be accompany you while you are gliding in blue sphere.

Services that we offer to our guests are not limited to these for sure. While you are contacting us and planning your flight, we listen all your wishes in detail and make them come true. Before your travel, we analyse weather forecast of the place that you travel and all other factors affecting the flight, and ensure all the precautions to be taken. In addition to these, we make special preparation for anything you request from us before the flight. Here are all the privileges that we offer to you in the travels with us;

    • During your travel, food and beverage offerings are available.
    • A cabin attendant will accompany you.
    • Personel WCs are available in all our jets.
    • Passport and custom procedures are organized by our representatives at airport.

The Address of Trouble-Free and Safe Travel

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Thanks to our solution partners that we work in cooperation, we have landing areas all over the world. By this means, safety precautions of all our guests travelling with us are kept in top-level. In addition to taking safety precautions of our aircrafts, all the necessary works are meticulously done in order to remove all the vulnerabilities in the region where landing will be made even when you have not arrived the place yet.

In this journey that we started with the slogan of “We are at where the flight starts”, all operational process is conducted within our control. All details from departure time of the jet to flight permits are carefully examined. Thus, early precautions can be taken against having delays resulting from several reasons such as slot mismatch.

All the private jets in our have entire privileges that technology offers to us. In order to prevent any trouble to be occur in the air, technical maintenance of our jets is made regularly. All necessary controls are carried out by our specialist team members. Thus, accidents that can be take place in the air are reduced to minimum level.

Pilots and first officers (co-pilots) working within our company have complete equipment that civil aviation authorities deems necessary and they have completed 1000-hour flight time. Therefore, travels are completed trouble-free and safe with experience and equipment of our cockpit team.

Let VIRAJET Be Your Seat-Mate

If you would like to make a travel plan with VIRAJET’s experience, comfort, and privileged that it provides, you can contact us via our call centre 7/24. You also can fill the request form in our website so that our authorized members contact with you. Besides, you may contact with us by using phone numbers and WhatsApp line that you can find in communication page.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Private jet chartering prices show a change depending on cabin size of the aircraft you choose, distance to be gone and extra services you requested from us. Our company, which is in a leading position among the private jet chartering companies, keeps its works in order to provide you the most comfortable travel for the most convenient prices.

There are standard services that we offer to our all guests during the travel. We offer cold beverages with or without alcohol and snacks to our all guests. Apart from these, we can supply all foods and beverages requested specially from us. For our guests who prefer, we provide catering service. All food prepared by professional chefs in accordance with the menu you requested are served hot and fresh during the travels.

Transportation specialists indicate that the safest way to travel is made by aircrafts today. In consequence of researches conducted, it is declared that one’s possibility to pass away in a private jet crash is 1 per 11 million. This statistic shows that travelling with private jets much safer than travelling with on-road vehicles. There are no difference between travelling by chartering private jet and travelling with other passenger aircrafts in terms of safety. On the contrary, private jets that we have in our fleet provide you much safer experience because all their maintenances are made carefully and they are comply with cutting edge technology.

Cleaning of jets in our fleet are made periodically. Besides, all their maintenances are periodically kept under control by specialists in their field. Our aircrafts are comprehensively cleaned before and after every travel. Thanks to this, we provide our guest opportunity to travel in a hygienic environment.

Of course it is possible. In our fleet, we have different private jets that have small, mid-size and large cabin. Also, jets with different brands and different features are available. You can access all our jets from our “Aircrafts” page and you can check in detail.

Since Virajet gives great importance to your convenience, it has an extended jet fleet. Therefore, booking 2 hour before the travel at latest is adequate. Wherever you travel to 7 continent of the world, there are always available jets waiting for your service.

Chartering private jet is pretty easy with the opportunities that Virajet provides its guests. You can access our customer’s representative uninterruptedly 7 days and 24 hours via our call centre or WhatsApp line and you can make an appointment.

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We are grateful to Vira Jet for bringing our firm together with reasonable price and quality regarding chartering private jet, which I prefer for my domestic travels.

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