Aircraft Sales And Management

Virajet provides a professional service with a transparent and customer-oriented approach for choosing the right aircraft, suitable for market conditions, with its more than ten years of experience in the aviation industry and its expert staff.
It has an overwhelming impression in the world aircraft market without compromising its fundamental principles, the most valuable asset of which is the sense of confidence of its customers.
The greatest value it adds is to find the most suitable aircraft and achieve the best result.
We know the jet market very well and that’s what we do best.
The fee you pay to VIRAJET is only a small part of the savings you will gain. With its transparent working policy, it protects all your interests as if it were its own, by thinking and sharing each detail.
It allows you to make a significant investment in the future sales value of the aircraft, by adopting the idea of “sell the way you buy”.
It allows you to enjoy your investment with the right aircraft selection, transparent and fair execution of the sales process, and after-sales support.

What we do?

Selection of aircraft according to expectations
Presentation of aircrafts with a comparative table
Extraction of cost information on value-added components
Evaluation of all maintenance and flight records by a professional team
Pre-buy inspections in specialist and approved maintenance organizations
Minimization of transaction costs for the real value of the aircraft in accordance with the market conditions
Follow-up of the entire sales process by the expert team
After buy, crew building, operation and hangaring arrangements
Carrying out chartering activities for customers who want to charter, through a wide customer portfolio around the world, with experience in the sector and quality-oriented view.

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