Air Ambulance Services


Air Ambulance Services

Our flights with fully equipped ambulance aircraft all over the world, especially European Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East and North Africa, are provided under the control of a doctor and paramedic. All aircraft that we provide air ambulance service are approved and certified by the competent authorities. With the support of an expert medical team selected in accordance with the world standards, the transfers of intensive care patients who will be evacuated or return to their country are carried out with great devotion and care. All necessary devices in any intensive care unit are available in the ambulance aircraft and comply with international standards. Therefore, transfers of intensive care patients are provided without any problems. The ambulance planes we serve have the full equipment, authority and permission to transfer patients, especially from war zones such as Iraq, Libya and Yemen. Not being connected to any city or airport shortens our activation period and reduces costs. When the patient transfer request reaches us, our priority is to determine the most suitable transfer type for the patient’s condition. Our customers always have the idea that transfer by helicopter is more affordable in terms of cost than transfer by plane. However, when helicopter airports are not available or accessible by plane, they are suitable aircraft and they are more costly than ambulance planes over long distances such as intercity.

For example, the average hourly price of a 5-person single-engine helicopter is two thousand euros, while the cost of a light class ambulance plane is two thousand two hundred and fifty. However, the helicopter takes the distance of the plane in 1 hour in about 2 hours. After deciding on the appropriate aircraft and making a cost study, an epicrisis report is requested showing the health of the patient. After the opinions of the doctor who evaluated and treated the epicrisis report were taken, it was decided whether the transfer of the patient by air ambulance was appropriate. After obtaining the appropriate approval (Fit to Fly ‘Confirmation in Aircraft Transfer ‘approval), the operational process is started immediately. There are two different types of operations: transfer from airport to airport and from bed to bed. As Virajet, we only provide ambulance aircraft or helicopters for transfer from airport to airport. Transfer of the patient from the hospital to the airport and from the airport to the hospital is provided by the patient’s relatives. Upon request, land ambulances can also be provided by us for an additional fee. In the case of bed-to-bed operation, our team of doctors and pramedies in the aircraft go to the hospital, and the patient can transfer to the plane and from the plane to the hospital without any problems by the relatives of the patients or the ambulance provided by us. During the flight, the patient is completely accompanied by our team. Our team, which is expert in its field and has the necessary equipment, international competence and experience in air ambulance operations, is able to perform the necessary intervention in any emergency situation. Unlike ordinary private aircraft chartering operations in air ambulance operations, the communication flow must be created correctly. The communication plan to be established between the air ambulance service provider, land ambulances, airport ground service officers and patient relatives should be followed carefully by the operation officer. The slightest shortcoming in the communication flow can have irreversible consequences. Therefore, one of the biggest responsibilities belongs to the operator, namely Virajet’s expert staff. Once you choose us, we would like to guarantee that your loved ones are in safe hands.

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