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ViraJet We Are Standby by You in Sickness and Health with Virajet Air Ambulance Service!

We continue to be your seat-mate in your health problems as we do in all your travels. Sure we enjoy being included to your business travels or vacation plans. However, Virajet is always standing by in sickness and health.

Our most valuable asset is undoubtedly our health. As Virajet, we continue to provide service with the understanding of “human first, life safety first” in every travel that we have set on since 2018. We meet medical transfer needs of patients and patient’s relatives all over the worlds with our air ambulances. Until today, we have justified pride of touching more than 10 thousand patient and patient relatives’ life.

Patient Transfer All over the World by Air Ambulance

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Chartering Air Ambulance

Transfer by air ambulance in urgent medical conditions has become a necessity for the health of patients. At this point, the most important feature that distinguishes Virajet from other air ambulance chartering companies is the uninterrupted operational network that it has all over the world. We have an infrastructure that can carry out medical transfer organization all over the world, particularly Europe, CIS, Middle East and North Africa. Thanks to our business partners from the four corners of the world, concepts of time and place are not important in the situations that needs urgent medical transfer. This situation allows us for providing service without depending on any city or an airport. Therefore, activation time and transfer cost are minimized no matter which part of the world patients and patient’s relatives are.


Air Ambulance Services

All air ambulances that we have in our fleet provide service as fully equipped in the field of patient transfer especially in war territories such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. For the transfer operations to be carried out in war territories, we have authorisation documents that were taken from necessary health and aviation authorities.

In the medical transfer that is made with our air ambulances that have appropriate equipment compatible with world standards, it is ensured patients to be evacuated from the city that they are located as soon as possible. Patients are carried to the medical centres that they are transferred to under the control of medical staff that is specialist in his/her field. Especially, transfer of intensive care patients are carried out with utmost devotion.

VIRAJET for Patients to Travel Safe

Chartering Air Ambulance

In the situations that immediate medical response is necessary, it is vital for patient or injured to reach the medical institution that first medical response will be carried out as fast as possible. Taking this necessity into account, Ministry of Health has switched to air ambulance system in 2008 in order to save time respecting patient transfer.

As Virajet, all our air ambulances have certificates of authorization taken from General Directorate of Civil Aviation which is the authority in inspections of technical and operational activities regarding aviation. Work and flight permits are taken from national civil aviation to be used in patient transfer or emergency medical services. In addition to these, all our air ambulances have medical equipment that is specified in “Regulations for Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles and Ambulance Services”. All equipment that can be find in intensive care unit is available in our air ambulances. Some of these are as below:

  • Stretchers
  • Stabilizer
  • Resuscitation equipment and materials
  • Airway equipment
  • Drug and serums
  • Emergency birth set
  • Burnt set

In all our air ambulances, at least one medical doctor and one medical staff (nurse, anaesthesia technician, EMT or AECT) are assigned in order to carry out necessary medical response during transfer of patients. Thank to this, patients are kept under control during transfers travel. On the other hand, a pilot and first officer (co-pilot) which are determined pursuant to civil aviation legislation are present in air ambulances. All medical staff who work in air ambulance have special training and authority in the field of flight physiology with TYD, TRK, İLYAD and ÇİLYAD.

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How Should Appropriate Aircraft Selection Made in Patient Transfer?

Air Ambulance

In patient transfers, operation process is a matter that required attention. Being aware of the value of human life, our medical staff carry out their duty according to 24 hours principal. Also, our cockpit team that is responsible for management of air ambulance are waiting in the wings in accordance with civil aviation instructions. In medical transfer, our team that ensure all organization process to be conducted as fastest as possible carefully plan all necessary stages after flight request is received.

When patient transfer request is received to us, we initially carried out works for determining suitable transfer type to patient’s situation. There are two transfer method within Virajet. These methods are given below:

Ambulance helicopter
Ambulance jet
Ambulance helicopter is an aircraft which is heavier than the air, have engine power to make land and lift off in both land and sea without requiring any specific landing field. In ambulance helicopters, all necessary medical equipment are ready pursuant to the scope of relevant regulations specified above. Ambulance helicopters are preferred in the situations that transportation with aircrafts are not possible. In this context, it should be decided by taking weather conditions of the place to be gone and many other factors, particularly landing field into consideration.

Virajet operation team plays a big part in deciding the aircraft to be used in patient transfer. At his point, it is generally thought that receiving ambulance helicopter chartering service is a cheaper option compared to transfer with aircrafts in terms of cost. But the situation is not as how it is thought. Especially in interprovincial long distances, transfer with helicopter can be much more costly. However, helicopter is not preferred if there is a situation that constitutes an implement to access of the aircraft. The reason of this is that transfer with ambulance aircraft is much faster option. Because helicopters can travel the distance that aircrafts cover in 1 hour, in about 2 hours. Therefore, medical transfer with aircrafts will be better choice for the situations that required urgent medical response.

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How Does Operational Process Proceed in Patient Transfer?

After deciding on appropriate aircraft taking all these factor into account, cost study is made by our specialist team as fast as possible. After final cost report is shared with patient’s relatives, preparations for transfer are started. At this stage, Virajet specialist teams are conducted the works below:

  • Epicirisis report that shows the patient’s condition is requested.
  • Epicirisis report is evaluated by specialist doctors.
  • After evaluation, opinions of the doctor who treats the patient is taken.
  • In this studies, it is determined whether patient is suitable for transfer by air ambulance or not.
  • “Fit to Fly” approval is taken for the patient and operational process is started.

As Virajet, we have 2 different operation type used in patient transfer. Which of these types of operation will be used for the transfer is decided in line with the patient’s condition and the demands of the companions.

Airport to Airport Transfer

We only provide ambulance aircraft or ambulance helicopter when we transfer patients airport to airport. Namely, The transfer of patients from the hospital to the airport and from the airport to the hospital in the destination is carried out by the companions. Patient’s relatives can also request a land ambulance during their meetings with our authorized units. In this type of situations, land ambulance can be provided by us. However, land ambulance makes a difference in transfer prices.

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Bed to Bed Transfer

In transfer from bed to bed process, service is also given to the patient and their companions. Our team of doctors and paramedics responsible for this transfer accompany the patients to the health centre. In addition, the patient’s relatives or the land ambulance provided by us ensure smooth transportation of the patient to the airport and the health centre to which he/she is transferred.

We Carry ‘Life’ in the Sky

Air ambulance operations proceed much more different than ordinary private aircraft chartering services. As being aware of “carrying life”, we irreproachably manage this process. We control all the communication flow between our units in patient transfer operations. We effectively establish the communication network from air ambulance service providers to land ambulance coordinators, airport land service officials and patients relatives. Thank to this, we do not allow even the slightest trouble. Because we carry out our duty as being aware of that this weakness may cause vital consequences for patients.

Also we would like to indicate once again that our specialist medical team that work in air ambulances have the equipment to make the first response in emergency situations. In short, you can make sure that your loved ones are in safe hands. Virajet team that work in accordance with all medical ethical principles stands ready to keep the life safety of patients at the highest level and to take all necessary actions.

For benefitting from our air ambulance chartering service, you may fill relevant request form in here and you may contact with us via our communication numbers. You may notify your requests to our call centre that provide uninterrupted service 7 days 24 hours and obtain information. Also, you may make contact with our officers who are stand ready to answer your questions via our WhatsApp line. Hoping to travel in healthy days…

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the price for air ambulance chartering?

Prices of air ambulances show changes depending on numerous factors. First and foremost, it is significant to determine which aircraft will be used in carrying the patient. Ambulance helicopter and aircrafts has different prices. In addition, the distance to be travelled has an impact on the cost of air ambulance rental. Virajet strives to provide the most affordable service to patients and their attendants in a fast and trouble-free manner.

In How Much Time Does Air Ambulances Get Ready?

After we receive the flight request, medical controls and operational process are started. The most appropriate aircraft is selected for patients that obtain “Fly To Fit” certification. Subsequently, pilot in-command evaluates place of departure, road distance, and the latest meteorological weather conditions of landing field. If there is no obstacle that prevents the flight, the helicopter team will be ready at the latest within 1 hour. This interval varies between 2 and 3 hours in the flight made by aircrafts.

Is it safe to make transfer by air ambulance?

Transfer operation by air ambulance is a safe option for all patients who are medically safe to transfer by plane. All aircrafts within our structure have certifications issued by the Ministry of Health and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. In addition, our specialist doctors and paramedic team who are with the patients during the transfer have also received the necessary training. Our specialist health staff can do the necessary response in all emergency complications that may happen during the flight.

Which patients should be transferred by air ambulance?

Numerous factors cause the need for an air ambulance. However, in some cases, making patient transfer by air ambulance may become indispensable. If patient or injured have one or more medical findings determined by health authorities, transfer operation by air ambulance becomes a necessity. Some of these findings are given below:

  • Patients that are unconscious or whose consciousness situation is getting worse
  • Patients whose adult systolic blood pressure is under 90 mmHg ( this rate is different for children)
  • Patients whose respiratory rate is under 10 or above 30 per minutes
  • Multiple trauma cases
  • Cases of open injuries on the chest, abdomen, head, neck or groin
  • Patients with two or more long bone or pelvis fractures
  • Patients with flail chest development
  • Burns that can cause shock

What are the situations that required transfer by air ambulance?

There are a lot of situation that transfer by air ambulance becomes necessary.
Aircrafts should be preferred, particularly in cases that the time to reach the scene by land ambulance is 30 minutes or more. In addition, air ambulance is used in the situations where land conditions and meteorological conditions constitute an obstacle to road transportation or unusual situations that required patient transfer by air ambulance above the sea. Apart from these, some of the situations that required transfer with air ambulance are given below:

  • In case of time passing while taking the patients to a suitable health institution by road is a threat to the survival or disability of the people,
  • Patient transfer from abroad to our country or from our country to abroad,
  • Transfer of patient to be made organ transplantation, organ or organ transfer team,
  • Carrying the medicines to regions where epidemic occurs without losing cold chain,
  • A patient whose urgent response and stabilization are conducted in a health centre,
  • If a patient have to be transferred for further examination and treatment ,
  • If there is not appropriate equipment or vacancy in the province or region where patient is situated in cases that required intensive care.

How air ambulance request form is prepared?

To prepare an air ambulance request form, it is enough to make contact with us after you meet with the specialist doctor that are taking care of your patient. In remaining process, our friends who are competent in the subject will be guide you in this path. By this means, implementation of patient transfer will be ensured in consequence of works that carried out by doctor, patient’s relatives and our team in cooperation.

How an air ambulance is chartered?

We support and guide you throughout the entire operation with the awareness that we have a distinguished place among air ambulance companies. From the moment you contact us, the entire operational process will be organized down to the last detail. As the Virajet family, we guarantee that we will fulfil all our responsibilities in this process, which proceeds under the control of our patient relatives and specialist physicians.

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