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Virajet Kargo Uçağı Kiralama

Cargo Aircraft Chartering Service

Making difference with the value it added to aviation sector, Virajet is at your elbow for all your needs since 2018! With our cargo aircraft chartering service, we ensure all your despatches reach to the far end of the world without any trouble. We provide logistic support to the companies that make import and export. Thanks to our business partners that have influence in aviation sector on an international scale, we deliver your despatches even to the countries where there is no scheduled flight. Therefore, we carry your despatches without giving any harm and also help you save your time to a large extend.

Let us Share Your Load with Our Cargo Aircrafts

Virajet Kargo Uçağı Kiralama

To get transportation service is rather important when it comes to particularly the foreign trade. Logistic of the product to be transported is a difficult process for companies. Transportation of a product with most appropriate vehicle, fastest and best methods has a remarkable effect on companies profit volume ratio. For this reason, while we add value to the trade that our customers carried out, we continue our work with the awareness of contributing our countries’ economy by providing service at every stages of import and export without any problems.

We transport products with high tonnage with time and cost saving. We make dispatch of many product subject to import and export in accordance with rules specified with civil aviation authorities. We safely transport many products from packaged textile to electronic and chemical material and deliver them to the point that products need to reach in the fastest way. In addition to these, some of the products that we transport with cargo aircraft are given below:

  • Engineering structures
  • Sea diesel engines
  • Oil industry equipment
  • Aircraft engines
  • Transportation vehicles including helicopter, aircraft and vessel
  • Movie and music stage sets
  • Satellite and communication equipment
  • Dangerous materials such as oil and gas
  • Perishable foodstuff
  • Construction machinery
  • Automotive parts
  • Sensitive and valuables
  • Humanitarian aid supplies
  • Live Animal

Great Advantages that Transportation with Cargo Aircrafts Provides to Companies!

To transport cargo that is heavy and with great tonnage is a compelling procedure that requires skill, experience and expertise. Within this scope, we offer our customers the opportunity to carry loads of up to hundreds of tons with our special cargo aircrafts with appropriate vehicle and experienced workforce.

We Make Most Appropriate Aircraft Selection and Organization!

In first step of our logistic service, we offer most appropriate cargo aircraft for our customer’s needs in consequence of route, load and time scale analysis. In addition, we plan many innovative solution such as return cargo, half chartering with our specialist team in order to make customer’s trade easier.

We Provide Cargo Service Having Validity on an International Scale!

Virajet Kargo Uçağı Kiralama

When we consider import and export potential of large scale companies, transportation’s being fast and safe with cargo aircraft chartering contributes trade to proceed in a trouble free ground. All cargo aircrafts we serve with have accreditation certifications given by IATA (International Air Transport Association). Therefore, all despatches are kept safe under the guarantee of Virajet.

In loads with heavy tonnages, we carry out many operation from dangerous material to transportation vehicles and medical materials to live animal transportation without having any trouble thanks to our specialist team members. In addition, we give maximum care and attention in live animal transportation. We continue our services in accordance with IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations).

We Give Transportation Opportunity to the Four Corner of the World!

We provide service not only in the scale of corporate companies but also for individual customers by chartering cargo aircraft in transportation. We continue to our activities without compromising principles of confidentiality and safety in transportation for all our customers.

Thanks to our business partners from the four corners of the world, concepts of time and place are no longer important in cargo aircraft chartering service as it is in all airway transportation vehicles. Thanks to departure and landing points of aircraft or our home delivery service, we add value to trade of companies of large and mid-scale companies.

Thanks to our experience of many years in sector, team that is specialist in their field and our business principle, we strive for meeting the needs of our customers in the best manner. We carry out fast and safe transportation operations to all countries of the World including the ones that there is no scheduled flights. In this way, we make you experience the comfort of direct cargo service.

We Minimize the Cost Thanks to Effective Space Usage!

Virajet Kargo Uçağı Kiralama

We use our cargo aircrafts as effectively as possible thanks to their volume and our loading abilities. We effectively evaluate the capacity of aircraft and thus we ensure large and heavy cargos to be carried with minimum effort. Thanks to effective space usage, we provide our customers opportunity to make saving from the service they take in maximum rate.

We Provide Trouble-Free and Guaranteed Transportation Service!

We closely follow the current legislation on air cargo transportation of all the countries that we carried out shipping with flight. We inform our customers before flight and create opportunity to take early measures against all possible problems. In this way, we carry out our duty as guarantor of services we provide to our customers to be completed without any problem.

We Add Value to the Trade with Our Cargo Aircraft Chartering Service!

You may also benefit from the privilege of Virajet which is one of the leader brands in airway cargo transportation. You can carry out your trading transportation activities without any problem regardless of whether it is on scale of import or export. You can contact with us on our WhatsApp line or by filling our reservation form.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Prices of chartering private cargo aircraft vary depending on many different factors. A feasibility study is carried out by considering many criteria from tonnage of load to be carried by our operation team to distance. In consequence of this, most appropriate price alternatives are presented for our customers.

It is possible to carry products in different categories by chartering private cargo aircraft. Many different load from plane to vessel, from helicopter to live animal will be delivered to final destination budget-friendly and in time.

Top-level logistic specialists hold out that safest transportation service is carried out thanks to private cargo aircraft chartering service. At this point, it has great importance that transportation companies perform specific criteria. Specialist team of Virajet have a good mastery of all international legislation on air transportation. In addition, Virajet has been accredited by IATA, namely International Air Transport Association. Furthermore, it provides service in accordance with IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations) which is deemed vital for live animal transportation.

Our customers may contact with us uninterruptedly 7 days 24 hours in order to benefit from our private cargo aircraft chartering service. After this process, all necessary actions will be carried out successfully in consequence of coordinated work of our organization team and our customers.

Our customers who would like to take private cargo aircraft chartering service should convey their request to us at least before 4 to 8 hours. During this time, necessary pre-feasibility study is carried out and preparations are completed. In order for procedures to be completed, it is significant to be complied with this period of time. Thus, trouble-free transportation service can be provided by us.

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