Cargo Aircraft


Cargo Aircraft

We offer a wide range of air cargo options and provide logistic support for individual and corporate customers without compromising privacy and safety principles. With our long years of experience and wide portfolio of cargo aircraft spread all over the world, we ensure that your cargo reach the desired airport smoothly, safely and quickly.

With our expert staff in heavy cargo, we undertake many operations without any problems, from live animal transportation to medical equipment, heavy engine, aircraft, vehicle transportation.

We show utmost care and attention in the transportation of your live cargo. We work with IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations) certified experts.
We constantly follow the current regulations of the countries where we operate on air cargo transportation and inform you in advance of all possible problems.
As Virajet, we carry a lot of textile, electronic, chemical products that are packaged in accordance with the rules determined by the aviation authorities and deliver them quickly and safely.

When you rent a cargo aircraft, we enable you to use all the capacity of the aircraft effectively and efficiently. We offer the comfort of being able to fly directy to airports where there are no scheduled cargo flights.

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Serhat Çağ
Founder, Çağ Auto

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